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Too often garages are used as dumping zones. Anything outdoor related, some large indoor items that you want out of the house, items that need to be returned (to the store, friends, or family), or items that you want to get rid of but either don’t make the time to take it to a donation center or post on an online selling site. All of these actions make it difficult to keep an organized garage.

Enter Status: Organized. The goal is to determine which items need to be removed from the garage and sort all remaining items into similar categories. Then, ideally, add shelving and hooks to take advantage of the vertical space.  After organizing, the client will know exactly where every item is located, hopefully be able to park their vehicle inside the garage, and maintain an organized garage.

Check out Status: Organized blog post, “4 Organized Garages to Help You Choose Your Redesign“.

Organized Garage Clients

Before & After:

Alicia & Eric – Memorial

Alicia & Eric flooded during Harvey, then as they were renovating the entire downstairs, decided to add custom shelving to their garage. A professional organizer’s dream! For two years, items would pile up in the garage, then disappear, then other items would be tossed into the space. When Alicia gave me permission to tackle the garage, I was ecstatic. Slat walls and adjustable shelving. So fun.


Lisa – Tanglewood

We moved Lisa into her townhouse about 15 months before. After the first initial tackle of the garage, it was turned into a drop zone. So, I went back in to tidy up and make the delayed decisions for the excess that was congregating on the garage floor. Extra wood planks? Shift under the shelves. Organizing supplies? Place on the shelves. Move all the excess to their proper spot: golf, gardening, scuba, keepsakes, holiday, etc.

Travis & Richelle – Oak Forest

Travis & Richelle are like many families. When the kids reach the age of bike riding and loving outdoor activities, the number of items in the garage grows exponentially. Not to mention, it’s an easy, large space to toss items that you don’t want to deal with right now (large boxes, stuff that has to be returned to a friend or store, items you want to donate but haven’t found the time, etc.).

Kati & Brian – Oak Forest

Kati & Brian just moved into their new home and discovered their garage items wouldn’t fit in their new built garage. They hired me for a quick fix which included one carload of donated items, moving the shelving units to maximize the length of the garage, and categorizing like items with like items (for easy finding). Children toys were left lower for easy access.

Ready to transform your cluttered garage into an organized garage?

Start the process today by submitting your information below. Status: Organized will reach out within 24 hours to schedule your first session (you can choose to work on any area in the home.).

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