Organized Closet

Closets are a stressful area of a home. We enter them multiple times a day, grabbing clothes, shoes, purses, belts, robes (and the list continues), but then also placing those same items back in the closet. Which is the part that can throw us into chaos.  If all items are strewn about on the floor or shelves because we don’t have a system in place that assigns a home, our closets transform into chaotic spaces. The key to an organized closet is to first declutter, then create organizational systems, and finally maintain the systems.

Organized Closet Clients

For Jamie & Todd, they were overwhelmed by the overflowing drawers and clothes on the ground. It was an easy task to donate a few bags of clothes (mostly from what was stuffed in the drawers and never accessed) and then rearrange the remaining items.

Russ has such a large space, it was easy to place items in the closet, then never think of them again. We donated all the books that were on the floor, donated 10 suits, moved the remaining suits to the back of the closet, and moved the suitcases high on a shelf. In addition, he bought a three-separator laundry basket (whites, darks, dry-clean) and a holder for dry-cleaning hangers (to prevent throwing items on the floor and then eventually overlooking them).

For Susan and her shoes, the client was overwhelmed by her new closet. I removed all the shoes, placing similar ones near each other, which allowed her to donate two garbage bags full of shoes. Then I placed them back on the shelves in the order that she would use them the most.

Before & After Images:

Jamie & Todd – University Area

Russ – Montrose

Slide the ruler back and forth to see the before and after of Russ’s organized closet.

Susan – River Oaks

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