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Elizabeth from Cypress, Texas: I’ve used many organizers in the past in the various homes I’ve lived in, and Stephanie gave me a whole new experience with her ability to work independently. I really enjoyed this aspect as I was able to provide her with guidance on what is what, how I live, and my workflows – and she got everything in order. I felt very comfortable with her around, even heading out to run an errand with her there,  and trusted her decisions.

In another session we had, she brought her team and they unpacked, organized, and tidied up my entire second floor,  garage, and our bathroom/closets.

After living with the results for a week, I was right to trust her decisions because things just work! I did adjust a couple things around vs how I said I wanted it set up, but it was so easy because I could find where everything was. Big win.

I highly recommend Stephanie and her team,  and will likely be bringing her back to finish up my home office. She has a knack of getting things done at a healthy pace, charges a fair rate for her quality, and is a professional in her communications and financials.

Neeraj from Houston, Texas:
Stephanie was a pleasure to work with. She came over at 9:00 a.m. to help me organize my space, which had tools, books, and clothes all scattered in different rooms. She talked through my options with me,  and gave me a realistic estimate of how much we could get done in a day. We prioritized my bedroom and the main hallway in the house.

She made the process fun and worked super fast. We ended up tackling the two spaces we targeted, plus an outdoor space that went from chaotic to very functional. Looking forward to calling her back to work on my office and loft spaces next.

I highly recommend Stephanie at Status Organized for any home organization work. If you call her, I suggest you clear up time to spend with her while she works. You’ll learn a lot and have a strategy for ‘resetting’ the space when it gets out of control again.

Sarah from Katy, Texas:
Stephanie is absolutely amazing! Very calm, steady and an extremely hard worker. She came up with fresh ideas to solve organization problems that have been weighing me down and set me free. I’d give her 100 stars if I could!

Beverly from Bellaire, Texas:
As soon as the MaxSold folks walked into the house, the team leader remarked on how well-organized everything was. Thanks again for doing such a great job!

Todd & Jamie from University Area, Texas:
If you’re asking, “I can probably organize my house if I really put my mind to it — do I really need to hire a decluttering expert to help organize my stuff?” The answer is yes, you do need a professional to do this if your house has been disorganized for years or you just can’t really imagine where everything would go.

Stephanie at Status: Organized has an excellent eye for organizing and decluttering — something that my wife and I evidently lack. If you’re googling around for this kind of thing, you’re probably in the same boat. Stephanie was able to transform each room in our house from “stuff jammed wherever it would fit” to actual spaces to live in. The difference is obvious and jaw-dropping. We’re no longer embarrassed to have people come into our house!

The results are self-perpetuating; since everything now has a proper, reasonable place, cleaning and tidying is much easier than before!

Important to note: Stephanie, as far as I could possibly tell, was absolutely non-judgmental about our messy, disorganized house.

The rate Status: Organized charges is very fair, compared to similar services. I really do recommend giving it a shot — you can schedule a few hours initially to sort out a small room or area, and get a sense of what can be accomplished.

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