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Sometimes life happens and without our realizing it, clutter invades our homes causing our haven to become overwhelming and stressful. Perhaps you had a baby, a child left for college, divorce, marriage, death of a loved one, loss of a job, illness. So many times, life happens and causes the clutter to build up. This is called Situational Disorganization (compared to Chronic Disorganization).

My suggestion for you is to tackle one area at a time. Pick a room and then a corner, and start. Begin by deciding where each item will live in the home and if it’s in a different room, take it there. For example, if you have a screwdriver in the bedroom, but you keep the majority of tools in the tool kit that’s in a closet under the stairs, take the screwdriver to the closet under the stairs. Then every tool you find throughout your decluttering, you’ll know to take it to the closet under the stairs. As you make your way through each space, continue to assign homes and keep sorting like with like.

Once you start the decluttering process, the key to maintaining is after using an item, return it to its assigned home.

Home Transformation Clients

After their daughter was born, Todd and Jamie hired Status: Organized to declutter and organize their home. Putting hands on every object in the home (including the garage) took 36 hours and 8 sessions. The results were amazing! Watch the video below for photos and testimonials.

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