Organized Kids

Children bring excitement, joy, and loads of stress. Not to mention the sheer volume of items needed to care for them. What happens after your baby arrives, and you’re too tired to put items back where they belong? Or when your child outgrows clothes, toys, cups, etc.? You start stuffing clothes into drawers or on the floor of the closet, putting off the decision making for a day when you’ve had enough sleep and can deal with it. So, where do you find the energy to keep your child’s spaces organized and maintain all the stuff?

Set up organizational systems to reduce the decision making (especially when lack of sleep is a factor!). Then decide what will happen to each item that is no longer useful, so that when the time arrives, you know where to place it. If you’re saving it for the next child, buy a storage bin, keep it in the closet, so you can drop outgrown items inside. Keep a bag by the door labeled “donations” and drop it off once a week (or each month, depending on the quantity). If you’re recycling or throwing it away, take care of it that day.

Organized Kid Spaces

Richelle – Oak Forest

Richelle and her family started a home renovation, expecting it to be complete well before the twins arrived. Well, delays happened, the twins came early, and before she knew it, a year had passed and what was supposed to be the twins’ room was instead used as a drop zone for every item that the twins outgrew or needed to grow into. Enter Status: Organized.

I categorized all items by age/size and labeled in bins, so when she had a third child, it would be easy for her to grab from the front as she first went through the pregnancy (pregnancy pillow, maternity clothes, etc.) then as the baby arrived (clothes, bottles, burp cloths, bumbo seats, and so forth).

Finally, Richelle had the ability to move the boys into their room (just in time for baby #3!).

Drop Zone transformed into a room ready for twin boys!

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