How to Declutter Your Inbox to Increase Your Peace of Mind & Reduce Stress

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you have thousands of emails to dig through, you probably feel overwhelmed by that red little number attached to your email app icon. Even though you may joke about the number, and state you won’t ever declutter your inbox, the stress that accompanies that itty bitty little number is still within you. So, let’s chat about how organizing your email inbox can improve your efficiency and peace of mind while reducing stress.

4 Organized Garages to Help You Choose Your Redesign

Reading Time: 5 minutes Often, when I first discuss a plan with a new client, their main goal is to be able to park their vehicle inside (as well as discard all the clutter). Great, let’s do that. The number one issue is, of course, all the stuff that’s on the ground. So, what’s to be done? Put hands on every item as you decide to donate, trash/recycle, return/gift, or keep. Then utilize the vertical space.

Organize Your Brain: Fun Tidbits to Improve Your Daily Life

Reading Time: 3 minutes I was fortunate (again) to listen to Janice Simon speak. She was our guest presenter for the September NAPO Houston meeting (aka National Association of Productivity and Professional Organizers). She … Continue reading Organize Your Brain: Fun Tidbits to Improve Your Daily Life