How to Organize and Plan a Family Reunion

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This past July, my mom’s side of the family gathered amongst the corn fields of Iowa for a family reunion. Not for a day or a few days but for an entire week. A week to visit, to reminisce, to either win or lose at horseshoes or bags. A week to spend with loved ones around campfires, roasting s’mores and dancing under the stars. A week to bask in the love of family. At this wonderful reunion, we celebrated 50 years of family reunions which started with my grandmother and her 11 siblings. Here are a few highlights from our family reunion.

It’s no surprise that I became a Professional Organizer. I just have to look at my mom and my extended family to see that my organization skills are genetic. These people I’m related to are geniuses when it comes to organizing, and I continue to learn from them at every family gathering.

A few fun facts about this past reunion:

116 people attended the July Reunion (some for a meal, others for the week). One couple marrying in 1912 led to 12 children, which led to 36 grandchildren, which led to 78 great-grandchildren, which led to 99 great-great-grandchildren, which has so far led to 9 great-great-great-grandchildren with one on the way in December. That’s a total of 234.5 people created in roughly 100 years because Ole and Gusta decided to marry. That’s beautiful and powerful.

Youngest attendee: Arya, 4 months

Oldest attendee: Aunt Darlene, 2nd youngest of the 12, born in 1933 (age 88)

Number of RV’s (6), Tents (2), Hammocks (0)

Furthest travelled: Phoenix Arizona – 1,607 Miles

States Travelled From: 9 – Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Washington, Indiana

Highest auction item: $285 – Cornhole board set made from old barn wood from Aunt Darlene’s barn

Planning your own Family Reunion?

Check out this PDF I created to help you with just that: .


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