‘Tis Garage Organization Season!

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We’ve finally reached consistent 80-degree weather here in Houston, which means Garage Organization Season has arrived. I kept hoping for consistent 70-degree weather, but I’m not sure we’ll be there before Christmas! There are many ways to organize a garage and storage solutions you can use. Check out this guest post by Phoenix Organizer Kevin Connors of Inspired Organizers for garage organization options.

Garage Organization

Are you tired of battling the chaos in your cluttered garage? Well, since it’s officially garage organization season, it’s now time to take control and convert your garage into a wonderfully ordered space.

The initial step is crucial: start by clearing out everything and moving all items onto your driveway. Set up a sorting zone on your driveway using tables and gather small boxes and bins to aid the process. To streamline this task, use large storage bins to accommodate items belonging to specific categories and get some box cutters to break down old boxes. Dedicate a donation and disposal bin for things that no longer fit. Once all items have been sorted into keep, donate or throw away, the moment has come to choose a garage storage solution that will redefine your space.

Garage Storage Solutions

Utilize shelving units to maximize the vertical space during Garage Organization Season!

Here are some of the best garage storage solutions currently on the market:

  1. Wall-Mounted Shelving Systems
    • A cost-effective option to store less valuable garage items or those resistant to weather damage. Utilize vertical wall space with robust shelves, firmly secured to the walls using brackets, to house tools, boxes, and sports gear.
  2. Overhead Storage Racks
    •  Capitalize on the often-neglected space above, even when your vehicle is parked. Overhead storage racks are perfect for infrequently used items like holiday decorations and camping gear. Ensure secure attachment to ceiling studs or explore professional installation options.
  3. Efficient Tool Organization with Pegboards
    • Pegboards are a blessing for maintaining visibility and easy access to your tools. Hang hooks, pegs, and attachments in the perforated holes for effortless organization. Opt for durable steel or aluminum boards over particle board versions.
  4. Stacking Storage Bins
    • Stackable plastic storage bins are optimal for categorizing and organizing smaller items during your garage overhaul. Transparent bins suit lightweight items, while heavy-duty variants cater to bulkier storage needs.
  5. Magnetic Tool Holders
    • Keep your tools in order and readily accessible by affixing magnetic tool holders to walls or pegboards. They work wonders for keeping metal wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliers organized.
  6. Sturdy Hooks and Hangers
    • Invest in heavy-duty hooks for suspending your awkward lawn tools, bikes and other large, awkward garage items. Explore rail systems that facilitate the swapping of various hook types as your storage needs evolve. Ryobi and Rubbermaid both make excellent rail systems that have the right type of hook to hold anything.
  7. Standalone Storage Cabinets
    • Elevate your garage organization with specialized storage cabinets that offer enclosed storage, safeguarding your items from dust and chemicals. Some companies even offer tailored garage cabinet configurations for a polished appearance. Check out classyclosets.com or desertskyclosets.com for some ideas on the options available.
  8. Establish a Functional Workbench
    • A contemporary workbench is an indispensable addition to any garage. It features shallow drawers for tool storage, a workspace for projects, and often comes equipped with LED lighting, shelves for cleaning supplies, pegboards, and built-in power outlets for tools.
  9. Harness the Power of Tool Chests
    • Regardless of whether or not you’re a DIY enthusiast, a sturdy tool chest with drawers of varying depths and storage choices is invaluable for optimizing space. These spacious chests protect power tools and provide a home for miscellaneous hardware from home improvement projects.
  10. Wall-Mounted Cabinetry
    • Extend the convenience of cabinets beyond your kitchen and bathroom by incorporating wall-mounted cabinets into your garage. These are perfect for storing automotive fluids and cleaning agents, contributing to an overall sense of organization.

Remember that the most suitable garage organization products should be based on your distinct requirements, available space, and budget. Opt for reputable brands renowned for their durability, taking into account the challenging weather conditions that garages endure. Now, evaluate your garage’s unique needs and devise an organizational plan accordingly. Good luck during Garage Organization Season!

Guest Author

Kevin Connors is the proud proprietor of Inspired Organizers, located in Phoenix, and concurrently serves as the Director of Membership for the NAPO Arizona Chapter. Should you seek professional guidance with organizing your garage or any space, and you’re based in the Phoenix area, he can help! During his leisure time, he enjoys indulging in golf and travel.

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