Transform Your Life with Small Organizing Tweaks

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As we enter 2021 and close out a pandemic of a year, it’s a time to reflect on what worked for you, but more importantly what didn’t work for you. As you go through your days, notice the details of your daily routines. Then make a list of the activities that drive you crazy or bring frustration or bother you in any way. Then decide how to tweak each one just a little to make your system run a little more smoothly. Organizing tweaks can lead to more efficiency, less frustration, and hopefully higher productivity.

When I ask a client why s/he does something a certain way (such as keeping cups in the cabinet furthest from the fridge), the response is often, “it’s just how we’ve always done it”.

Do you love it there?

No, not attached to that cabinet.

Should we move it?

Let’s try it!

Next visit: Oh my gosh, I love having my cups right next to the fridge!

Simple Organizing Tweak That Brought Me Efficiency

I kept this hand sanitizer* in the middle cup holder of my SUV. And man o man did it become an >annoyance< (>< for emphasis!).


  • I typically carry my water bottle everywhere I go, which is great because I have two cup holders. BUT depending on the time of day or where I’m spending the next few hours, I’ll also either have a Tervis of hot tea or a protein shake. So, to allow the liquids to fit, I’d either have to remove the hand sanitizer to the seat or my water bottle (and occasionally both). Not that big of a deal, but the SUV is moving, which causes the bottles to roll around (and I’ll admit, sometimes fly to the floor). :)’
  • Also (and the bigger issue), as an organizer, I typically have 2-4 bags with me every time I enter my vehicle (large lunch cooler, organizing supplies bag, depending on the job, organizing supplies bag #2, possibly a bag of clothes to change into after work or layers, etc.). So, imagine me jumping into my SUV, leaning over to place all the bags on the front seat, and somehow the bags press down on the hand sanitizer and it dispenses all over my console, seats, me, my jacket, EVERYWHERE. At first it was frustrating. Then the more it happened, I became resigned to it. Until eventually every time it happened, I just laughed and shook my head.
    1. I did my first tweak by placing the bags on the seat by going through the passenger door, but I’d still find random hand sanitizer squirts on the seat! So, the tweaking wasn’t complete.
    2. Also, funnily enough, when I took the above photo, I leaned over the middle console to remove the old masks from the floor and BAM, it squirted all over my shirt. Sigh. SMDH. Uff. Da! (but I did laugh).

The Successful Organizing Tweak

A few weeks ago, I had the random thought to move the hand sanitizer to my door. Oh. My. Gosh. Why? Why didn’t I even think to move the darn bottle? It took me MONTHS to reach this moment of glory. Months of frustration before I thought to shift the bottle. Thank you Subaru for having the perfect door cup holder for my hand sanitizer. Doesn’t it look so nice there? Like it belongs.

It’s been a life changer. So great. “It’s only been 5 minutes but I’m already so excited about it, I decided to take a photo and write a blog post to share with the world.” A few weeks later and it’s even more amazing. I open my door, efficiently pump the hand sanitizer as I’m climbing inside the vehicle. Not once (minus when I moved it for a photo op) have I accidentally set it off. Weee!

Small tweaks. Just figure out where life doesn’t run smoothly and tweak it, just a little. If it still isn’t creating that blissful Ahhh moment, tweak it again (and maybe again). Good luck!

What hand sanitizer bottle in your life is driving you crazy?


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