How to Tackle a Guest Bathroom Remodel like a Pro

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Check out this Redfin article about tackling a guest bathroom remodel like a pro. Status: Organized is quoted under the section, small space hacks to make a big impact even in a tight space.

There’s no better place in your home to be bold and daring with design than in the guest bathroom. And not only can an updated bathroom add value to your home, it’s also a chance for you to update its style, try out new design trends, and adapt it to meet your current needs. Plus, your guests will appreciate the special touches and improvements you’ve made to make the space more welcoming. 

So, if your outdated guest bathroom is in need of a little revamp, look no further. We asked experts across the US – from Portland, OR to Orlando, FL – for their advice on how to achieve the ultimate guest bathroom remodel. Check out what they had to say and get your guest bathroom remodel started: 

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