Cyber Monday STEALS: Organizing Supplies

Reading Time: 2 minutes Bins make the world a happier place. It’s a fact, trust me. If you add in a label or two, Life. Changing. So, I wanted to drop you a quick note that Amazon has some AH-mazing Cyber Monday Steals for organizing supplies happening now through tomorrow.

Check out some of my favorite organizing supplies (as well as other deals they’re offering).

Energize and Balance Your Life Through Feng Shui

Reading Time: 6 minutes Are there rooms in your home that you avoid, have “bad energy”, or just feel heavy when you venture inside? Are you and your fellow housemates arguing more than usual? Do events that could be deemed “unlucky” happen to you all the time? Is any part of your life unstable (home, work, finances, relationships, sleeping, health)? Or do you break or drop a lot of items?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, your home could benefit from Feng Shui practices! Check out Status: Organized’s latest blog post to learn how to Feng Shui your home, which will ultimately energize and balance your life.