Even Professional Organizers Stress Themselves Out

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Professional Organizer working hard

Confession: I decided to be proactive and start packing two weeks before my move. I thought I’d tackle it one space at a time, pack what I wouldn’t need, leaving me with the bare minimum for a few weeks. Big. Mistake. Please don’t do it. Well, unless you have a space where you can place the packed boxes and you 100% know what you’ll need over those weeks. For myself? I lived in a 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 600 sq ft apartment. And apparently, even as a professional organizer, I wasn’t aware of the items I used on the daily. Uff. Da.

I thought at the time, I wouldn’t need X, so I packed it. Wahoo, I thought to myself. Taking action. Packing boxes. This move is going to be a piece of cake. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. I’ll be ready for the movers, and all of my boxes will be labeled for easy delivery to its new space. *Pats self on the back*

I then spent the next 2 weeks mentally (and sometimes verbally) screaming because I couldn’t find that item I already packed (or did I pack it?!?). Or when I had to dodge around my many columns of stacked boxes or if I actually BUMPED into the boxes. *screams in frustration*.  Not to mention, the packing chaos led to more chaos, because my systems were no longer in place. Which meant items weren’t being put back. So, I’d set it down in a new area, thinking, “I’ll remember” and then not be able to find it because the new area made no sense (or maybe I did pack it, thinking I wouldn’t need it. Ugh!). But the worst effect of the moving chaos was that the physical chaos threw me off mentally and I kept feeling a step off in my day-to-day.

So, for 2 weeks, 24/7, I experienced life as many clients do on the daily. Firsthand, I witnessed the physical clutter creating mental clutter. Then the roller coaster ride of emotional clutter as I felt overwhelmed, anxious, and oh was I frustrated. I occasionally go through the gauntlet of physical clutter and the stress that comes along with it, especially when life is busy. But this was a whole new ball game of every emotion and hormone jumping all over the place, cruising on high, with no off button.   

On the positive side, it was two weeks. Many clients deal with the day-to-day clutter for years before taking action. The stress that takes on a body, physically, emotionally, mentally. Not to mention socially, if you don’t allow others into your space, or spiritually if you’re feeling disconnected. Physical clutter gives people a beat down, without even consciously being aware of it, especially if the accumulation of clutter was gradual (and not drastic like my boxes).

But there’s hope. You can take action, pick one area of a room, and just start making decisions. That’s my favorite quote about clutter, it’s just a delayed decision.

Check out this previous blog post, The Negative Effects of Clutter and read about a few solutions to all that clutter.

Thankfully, I’m a Professional Organizer by trade (woot woot), and so I unpacked and organized my entire new place by Sunday evening (movers having left by 3PM on Saturday). And man did I sleep oh so well that evening!

Moving logistics

When clients ask me and my team to pack them up, I always suggest they hire professional packers. Packers are cheaper, faster, and trained to pack. AKA, they’re the experts. In addition, they’re generally able to pack you up in a day, so your routine and systems are not interrupted for long periods of time (ding ding ding, we have a winning solution). Also, definitely hire an established mover. I’m always impressed by how fast they clear a house and move items into the new home. Hustle. Hustle.

When you want to hire a Professional Organizer is after the move, when you’re ready to unpack all those boxes. Our expertise comes into play as we set you up, creating organizing systems designed specifically for the new home. OR if you plan to reduce the quantity, a Professional Organizer can come in before the packers to help you make decisions on what will be donated, sold, returned, etc.

Anyways, I just wanted to share a little of the frustration I experienced and to let you know that you’re not alone! We all live in chaos from time to time. :0)


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