Tips for Organizing Kid’s Toys: Organizing Strategies

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On Wednesday, I attended an event where I heard Kevin O’Leary speak (one of the sharks on Shark Tank). Of the 50 companies in his portfolio, he found that entrepreneur women are more successful than entrepreneur men. Why? According to his data, women have better time management skills, set achievable goals, maintain lower employee turnover, and assimilate feedback. How awesome is that? We women naturally have better skill-sets to a run a business (men, you still are earning Mr. O’Leary millions of dollars so are doing great as well!).

Why do I mention this?  Because what is a home if not a business? You have an accounting department (mortgage/rent, utilities, insurance, etc.), product and inventory (groceries, clothing, toilet paper, etc), employees or admin (children, spouse, parents, siblings, etc.), and the responsibility of planning everyone’s schedules, taking care of yard work, replacing filters and batteries, etc. It all boils down to the same skills. 

Now that you’re standing a little taller with the realization that you possess AMAZING skills, let’s review the organizing toys process. By this point, you’ve decluttered and moved all the toys into the Toy Room. Wahoo. But you take a look around and still feel anxious. What now, Steph?

Now, we plan!

Organized Strategies for Kid’s Toys:

Step 1: Categorize your items into piles (Barbie’s, trucks, books, stuffed animals, LEGO’s, figurines, etc.).

Step 2: Once you know how many piles you’ll need, time to design. Do you want an entire wall of storage and baskets? Do you only need one designated area because you’re cycling through bins? Do you want to label everything or hide it in the closet? The options are limitless. Here are a few visuals to start your ideas flowing (links at the bottom of the page will take you to more options!):

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