Adios Junk Drawer (Video)

This week, I decided to attempt something a little different and make an organizing video. Many thanks to Heather at Thirty-One for this idea (side note: Thirty-One is having a Christmas in July 70% off 200+ Items Sale until July 11. Check it out here. I ordered 2 large colorful totes for my business and only spent $37!).

Back to organizing…I created a YouTube and Twitter account so follow me there! Also today, I tackled the “found in every home” junk drawer.  It was a tough battle, but I was definitely declared the winner. *high fives self* Check out the easy 3 step process and my new video (video is at the bottom of the post or click here):

Adios Junk DrawerI stopped at the Container Store and picked up two snazzy Silver Mesh Drawer Organizer Sets for $19.99 each, grabbed a few wipes to clean the drawer and was ready to begin. When cleaning out your junk drawer (or any space for that matter), save yourself some time by combining steps 1 and 2. So, as you pull out each item and set it to the side, sort it by category and give it a quick clean. For this junk drawer, I did the following: pens/pencils/markers, keys, tools, cords/phone and computer electronics, rubber bands, batteries, tape, twist ties, and flashlights. Then two separate piles of stuff that would not be returning to the drawer: trash and the “stuff that belongs elsewhere” (paper clips, wall anchors, scrunchies, wall hooks, etc.). [Side note: I could have taken out the screws, playing cards, 2 of the 3 lighters, and many more items but as the drawer was in a client’s home, I decided to let them make the final decision on what else to remove.].

Inevitably, junk drawers gather change, screws, and other metals that always seem to leave residue on the bottom of the drawer. So, once everything is removed from the drawer, the next step is to clean it. Doesn’t it look so pretty? It’s almost a shame to cover it with multiple trays. Almost.

Now for the fun part: if you sorted as you removed every item, then step 3 is a breeze! Just position the trays in the drawer (think Tetris) then start inserting the items (by designated category of course). A bonus to choosing a set of trays like this is that you can always change it up…two seconds after you set it up or six months later.

Finally, throw away the trash and make sure to immediately put the “stuff that belongs elsewhere” in its proper spot (aka take the tools to the tool chest, the scrunchies to the bathroom, etc.).

And in 18 minutes, you’ve just cleaned out your junk drawer, maybe found a few items you’d forgotten about, and now can find everything in your organized drawer. Success!

Remember, you can use this 3 step process to organize any drawer in your home or office. As you continue on the organizational train (because it becomes addicting!), make a note of the item (or items) you find that bring you happiness or shock or any strong emotion, then share below.

Happy organizing!

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