Prepare for hurricanes before the storm

How to Organize a Hurricane Preparedness Kit

Reading Time: 4 minutes As an ode to the past 8 months, (aka, just in case the “end of the world trajectory that we know as 2020” continues), you should create or update a hurricane preparedness kit so you’re ready if one of these two storms (or the possible 20 more that may happen in 2020) hit the Houston area.

Copy of Organizing a Home Office for Productivity

Organizing a Home Office Space for Productivity

Reading Time: 5 minutes In mid-March, lives changed drastically with the onset of Covid-19. Businesses shut their doors, offices required employees to work from home, and thousands were laid off or furloughed. This led to a previously coveted practice: working remotely from a home office. But without a designated work space, productivity remains low. Learn how to organize a home office for productivity.

4 Organized Garages to Help You Choose Your Redesign

Reading Time: 5 minutes Often, when I first discuss a plan with a new client, their main goal is to be able to park their vehicle inside (as well as discard all the clutter). Great, let’s do that. The number one issue is, of course, all the stuff that’s on the ground. So, what’s to be done? Put hands on every item as you decide to donate, trash/recycle, return/gift, or keep. Then utilize the vertical space.

Legacy Planner: 4 Life Documents

Reading Time: 3 minutes Let’s be blunt: when you pass, you will no longer worry about what happens to your belongings, or your body, or anything in your life, but those you leave behind will be affected by your passing. It’s your responsibility to make it a smooth transition for them.