Richelle from Oak Forest, TX

I cannot praise the work Stephanie did in our home with greater enthusiasm, she has taken such a weight off our shoulders and honestly, I feel much less stressed since she came in. We hired Stephanie to focus on one area of our home but ended up requesting additional work since we felt such a positive change from her work. The first area was all our baby gear. We have twins and limited time so hiring someone to declutter, organize and properly store all baby items we had outgrown was such a great help. The process was extremely easy…Stephanie went through every single little item (every onsie, etc) and organized them into categories we discussed. We then worked together to figure out what we’d like to donate/get rid of and then stored away what we wanted to keep. She even included inventory documentation with photo references for what was stored in our attic. It couldn’t have been any easier! The second area she went through was an upstairs closet of items we’ve had stored away since my husband and I married and moved in together. Stephanie asked me if I want to keep it or donate it and then if I want to keep it, how often do I use it (so that she can decide where it needs to be placed in the closet for frequent or infrequent access). It was LIBERATING. Once she completed all that work, I asked her if she could help us in our kitchen as I’d been struggling to find a way to most efficiently use our pantry space. It’s honestly a bit awkward but now I feel I can easily see and access everything I need. Thank you Stephanie for all your tips, tricks and hard work!