Diana from Katy, TX

We were to move out in a short moments notice, and Stephanie came in with a “can-do” positive attitude, and helped facilitate our move by going through each room and helping organize and pack. She started in our kitchen, and went through our fridge, pantry, and cupboards to help get rid of anything that was expired, no longer of use or just collecting dust. She packed everything in boxes and also made a stack for donation. She went through the whole house, and I was able to purge myself from unnecessary items that I did not even remembered having. It was a sense of relief and peace I didn’t realize de-cluttering and organizing would have been able to produce. Being able to get rid of things from rarely worn 5 inch heels to countless koozies and being able to move out of our place in such a short notice, I am forever thankful for her service and definitely love the positive energy she exudes.