This is a couple weeks late, but Stephanie was awesome!!!! She was just what I needed to organize our apartment. She works so fast and helps make decisions to make decluttering go very quickly. What we did in 3 hours probably would have taken me 2 full days. I think this would be a great process to do every few months. We went through the entire kitchen, two bathrooms, and she even helped me set up a system to make our wedding thank you card process less painful. Also her price was very reasonable. Definitely do this if it’s something you’ve had in the back of your mind!!

Lauren from Houston, TX

Stephanie was a pleasure to work with. She came over at 9:00 a.m. to help me organize my space, which had tools, books, and clothes all scattered in different rooms. She talked through my options with me, and gave me a realistic estimate of how much we could get done in a day. We prioritized my bedroom and the main hallway in the house. She made the process fun and worked super fast. We ended up tackling the two spaces we targeted, plus an outdoor space that went from chaotic to very functional. Looking forward to calling her back to work on my office and loft spaces next. I highly recommend Stephanie at status Organized for any home organization work.

Neeraj from Houston, TX

I had budgeted and planned for Stephanie to help me for an entire day and in just three hours, we’d completed all 3 things on my list – home office, pantry and garage. And before she left, I had all my donations loaded in my car ready to go (and Stephanie offered to take them, even!) We had a great morning and Stephanie was great in grouping things together and finding a place for everything. I will definitely recommend her to friends or for more help if I need it in the future, but right now my home is great!

Larae from Houston, TX

We were to move out in a short moments notice, and Stephanie came in with a “can-do” positive attitude, and helped facilitate our move by going through each room and helping organize and pack. She started in our kitchen, and went through our fridge, pantry, and cupboards to help get rid of anything that was expired, no longer of use or just collecting dust. She packed everything in boxes and also made a stack for donation. She went through the whole house, and I was able to purge myself from unnecessary items that I did not even remembered having. It was a sense of relief and peace I didn’t realize de-cluttering and organizing would have been able to produce. Being able to get rid of things from rarely worn 5 inch heels to countless koozies and being able to move out of our place in such a short notice, I am forever thankful for her service and definitely love the positive energy she exudes.

Diana from Katy, TX

My husband and I cannot thank Stephanie enough for decluttering and staging our home prior to putting it on the market as well as reorganizing our kitchen and pantry. Even more exciting, she helped me transfer my photo albums to digital files. I was able to reduce my 47 album collection to 19 albums after tossing duplicates and photos of people’s backs, and her scanning over 1,000 photos to CD and flash drive. Stephanie was cheerful and always had a smile on her face. I will definitely be contacting her again once we move into our new home.

Michelle from Hot Springs, AR

I cannot praise the work Stephanie did in our home with greater enthusiasm, she has taken such a weight off our shoulders and honestly, I feel much less stressed since she came in. We hired Stephanie to focus on one area of our home but ended up requesting additional work since we felt such a positive change from her work. The first area was all our baby gear. We have twins and limited time so hiring someone to declutter, organize and properly store all baby items we had outgrown was such a great help. The process was extremely easy…Stephanie went through every single little item (every onsie, etc) and organized them into categories we discussed. We then worked together to figure out what we’d like to donate/get rid of and then stored away what we wanted to keep. She even included inventory documentation with photo references for what was stored in our attic. It couldn’t have been any easier! The second area she went through was an upstairs closet of items we’ve had stored away since my husband and I married and moved in together. Stephanie asked me if I want to keep it or donate it and then if I want to keep it, how often do I use it (so that she can decide where it needs to be placed in the closet for frequent or infrequent access). It was LIBERATING. Once she completed all that work, I asked her if she could help us in our kitchen as I’d been struggling to find a way to most efficiently use our pantry space. It’s honestly a bit awkward but now I feel I can easily see and access everything I need. Thank you Stephanie for all your tips, tricks and hard work!

Richelle from Oak Forest, TX

Stephanie was a lifesaver helping me purge and pack for my move from Texas to California. We went through my closets and dresser, one item at a time, to decide what to take with me and what to donate (donated 11 garbage bags of clothes and two large boxes of shoes!), went through old papers that have been in boxes for years, then took them to a shredding company, and finally packed up the two bedrooms/bathrooms and living area. I don’t know what I would have done without her. She also loaded my SUV with the donation items. One additional bag would not have fit! Felt such relief that I was only taking with me the items I loved. Indescribably valuable!!

Crystal from Plano, TX