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Product is the #2 tool to stay organized. It enables us to place like items with like, add a label to the outside, and keep everything >contained<. Key word: contained. So, here are the top organizing product recommendations I make to my clients. Let me know if you have any questions. Happy shopping!

Side note: I’ll tell you the #1 tool to stay organized at the bottom of this page! :-)’

The Staples of a Professional Organizer

I confess: I used to bring a huge tote to clients that had everything plus more. Today? I bring a small over the shoulder bag with my label maker, blue tape, and a sharpie. I have a small container that holds scotch tape, a cutting tool, measuring tape, pens, sticky notes, but I open that maybe once every 2-3 weeks (and mainly for the cutting tool). To state it bluntly one more time: to start to declutter your home, you only need blue painter’s tape and a sharpie.


And here comes the product recommendations! Again, these are the most recommended product to my clients. However, please note that what works for one may not work for you. What works for today, may not work tomorrow. Give yourself grace and know that every system you create is NOT permanent. Tweak it. Change it up. We as humans are constantly growing and evolving and our organizing systems need to change with us.

Kitchen / Pantry Products

China Storage

Bedroom / Bathroom

Crafting / Children / Hobbies


Containers are the best way to organize. Bins come in small, medium, large, extra large and oh so much bigger. Choose a design theme: clear, a solid color, decorative, wood, wicker, and so forth.

Utility / Miscellaneous



Are you feeling ready to buy the above product recommendations and organize your home? Excellent!

If I missed any spaces you want me to add, comment below.

Happy organizing to you!

Oh, and the #1 tool to organizing and staying organized is…have you guessed it yet?

Answer: decluttering

That’s right. Decluttering is the #1 task you could do to help yourself become organized. I’ve observed that people (no matter how organized or disorganized) are often blind to the items in their homes (official word: clutter blindness). The day in and day out, we just don’t see what’s directly in front of us. During the organizing process, by placing hands on every item and consciously making a decision as to whether or not the item is still wanted or needed, you’ll actually observe the item and there’s a possibility that you’ll let it go to another home.


Before I leave you, check out, How to Organize Your Kitchen in a Weekend. Challenge issued. 😉

Do you accept?

Also, if you feel you want assistance in the declutter and organizing process, please contact me or schedule a session directly on my live calendar. Happy Organizing!

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