Organized Garages

Too often garages are used as dumping zone. Anything outdoor related, some large indoor items that you want out of the house, items that need to be returned (to the store, friends, or family), or items that you want to get rid of but either don’t make the time to take it to a donation center or post on an online selling site.

Enter Status: Organized. The goal is to determine which items need to be removed from the garage and sort all remaining items into similar categories. Then, ideally, add shelving and hooks to take advantage of the vertical space.  When I’m finished, rather than not being able to walk into the garage, the client now has space to park his/her car (if they wish to) and an easy system that enables the client to return every item to its new home.

Before & After Images:

Alicia & Eric – Memorial


Travis & Richelle – Oak Forest

Kati & Brian – Oak Forest

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