Organized Closet

Closets are a stressful area of a home. We enter them multiple times a day, grabbing clothes, shoes, purses, belts, robes (and the list continues), but then also placing those same items back in the closet. Which is the part that can throw us into chaos.  If all items are strewn about on the floor or shelves because we don’t have a system in place that assigns a home, our stress levels will eventually increase.

For closets, our first task is to remove all items that no longer serve the client. When we know what is left, a system is created based on the clients habits and needs. Perhaps it’s aesthetically pleasing and based entirely on how it looks. Perhaps to an outsider, it makes no sense, but to the client, it’s practical and matches her routine. It varies from closet to closet.

For these shoes, the client was overwhelmed by her new closet, so I removed all the shoes, placing similar ones near each other, which allowed her to donate two garbage bags full of shoes. Then I placed them back on the shelves in the order that she would use them the most.

Before Images:

After Images: