Welcome! My name is Stephanie King and I am thrilled that you decided to bring organization to your life. Maybe you noticed a few cluttered spaces in your home or office or you can no longer walk into your garage. It most likely started with a drawer, then a closet, then suddenly the space became overwhelming and you now avoid entering into it. Keeping the door closed keeps the clutter out of sight, but it still affects your life: wasting time trying to locate an item you know you have but cannot find; not wanting guests to enter certain areas; the anxiety caused when you think about what’s behind that closed door. At Status: Organized, it’s my mission to bring organization to your space so that your home or office only brings you positive feelings.

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Education and Memberships:

NAPO Specialist Badge - Residential Organizing NAPO-HOUSTON-chapter-01

NAPO Specialist Certificate: Residential Organizing

NAPO-Houston Board Member: Membership Director

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NAPO-National: Professional Member

NAPO-National: Authorship & Publishing SIG Member

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TAAF Certified Professional Sports Manager from Texas Amateur Athletic Federation

Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M

A little about me:

As a child, I enjoyed organizing my closets by colors and use. As an adult, I’ve put my organization methods to use at my various jobs (organizing and inventorying a 3500 book library; organizing and labeling a large outdoor special event storage shed for a city’s recreation division; creating and organizing a walk-in supply closet for a summer camp). I also earned a B.S. from Texas A&M (WH08P!).

In 2017, my travels led me to stay with various friends and family and somehow it worked out that many of them were in the process of moving or rearranging certain rooms. As I assisted them, I discovered that I have a knack (and enjoyment) of helping others organize their cluttered spaces. Thus began Status: Organized. I hope to bring my love of organization (and skills!) to you.