How to Organize a Last Minute 4th of July Party!

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Oh no! The 4th of July is tomorrow and you (somehow?) volunteered to host the (fun, yet organized) 4th of July party celebration at your home. Before giving in to the panic and reaching for that bottle of wine, take a deep breath. Now, stop worrying. This is when the beauty of Pinterest saves the day. This genius network of ideas not only provides you with a variety of beautiful, and unique ideas, but the absolute best part?  Pinterest fails!  Easy ice breakers for your guests. 😉 And the bonus, if you succeed and the finished product looks exactly (or better) than the photo on Pinterest, it will most likely be a conversation starter as well. Win-Win!

So, let’s see, you somehow have to organize a party and have less than 24 hours. Where to start? *Taps chin as I ponder* Alright, mentally narrowed down, let’s get your party started by focusing on 5 areas. You need: (1) a clean home, (2) decorations, (3) food & drinks, (4) entertainment, and the most important (duh), (5) your outfit.

Here we go, Pinterest (direct links below take you to photo origins and more info)!

1. Cleaning

Jump on Groupon to hire a cleaning service for $50.

  • Assign to children or spouses.
  • Do it yourself.
  • “Don’t care, they’ll accept my house (and me) as I am” attitude. However, if you go this route (while power to you), please at least clean the bathroom!

2. Decorations

  • Red, White, Blue colors EVERYWHERE: centerpieces on every flat surface, cups, plates, utensils, throws, pillows, flowers, food, balloon arches, Front door.

3. Food/Drinks

  • Red, white & blue Rice Krispie treats are quick and patriotic. You can drizzle the left over red and blue white chocolate over popcorn. Oh Em Geeeee, I’m allergic to corn and I’m tempted to make some of this for tomorrow!

It’s found at most 4th of July parties, but that’s because it’s delicious and adorable: American flag fruit pizza “You’re a grand old flag. You’re a high flying flag…”

  • Another classic:  watermelon, honeydew, raspberry, blueberry fruit skewers
  • My personal favorites: DESSERT! 100 options or 25.
  • Place a flag toothpicks in anything not red, white, or blue.
  • AND if you still haven’t finalized your food menu, here are additional patriotic food options: 20, 200, 18, or 8.
  • Here are some fun cocktails and mocktail options.

4. Entertainment

Organize a bike parade for kids and adults! Spend about 30 minutes decorating the bikes, then go for a bike ride. So fun! Don’t forget the patriotic tunes (and helmets).

5. Outfits

Make T-shirts (helps with the entertainment aspect as well!) by adding a bow tie to the outfit or buy on Etsy (here or here), or use paint with koosh balls (that are most likely laying around the house) or tape the shirt before painting.

Alright, five options covered. Do you have ideas for how to organize your 4th of July party in less than 24 hours? You may need to gather the family or neighborhood to help you complete this extravaganza on time.

Last suggestion: skip the hosting of the 4th of July party and organize a trek over to Buffalo Bayou. Throw a blanket down front and center to the fireworks show, buy food and drinks from the food trucks, and relax amidst thousands of other Houstonians celebrating America! Patriotic gear optional (but encouraged!), and hey, no cleaning required.

Happy 4th of July, everyone! I hope you are able to barbecue, spend it with loved ones, and enjoy a refreshing beverage (or two).


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