Helpful Steps to Achieve Organization

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Whether due to a lack of time, ability, or inclination, staying organized can be difficult. In today’s world, people extend themselves by working long hours, participating in extra-curricular activities for themselves or family members, time obligations, and so much more. Often, the task of organization slowly gets pushed further and further down the To Do list until eventually it no longer gets added to the list.

When people finally realize that action needs to be taken, they have two options: hire a professional or do it themselves. Hiring a professional is time efficient but depending on the space, can become expensive as costs range from $40-$125 per hour.  Doing it yourself is possible by following these helpful three steps for home organization:

  • Step 1: Create More Chaos

The first step to organizing is to categorize everything in a space by creating >organized< piles (by color, use, type, etc.).

  • Step 2: Declutter Your Home

Then after everything is laid out in front of you in organized piles, pull the items that are to be trashed, recycled, donated, returned, or sold. I like to do this step as I’m doing step 1, but if it’s too overwhelming, make it step 2. It helps to see how many staplers you actually have, before deciding to donate 3 of them. 

  • Step 3: Organize Your Space

Finally, once belongings have been purged, it’s time to place the “items to keep” back into an assigned space, or “home”. Labeled organizing containers and bins can help you maintain your organized systems. 

After reviewing this three step process to achieve organized greatness, if you feel like you need assistance or someone to do the entire job for you, contact Status: Organized. I understand that many people lack the luxury of time, ability, or inclination to declutter a space and are happy to step in and handle home organization for you!

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